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Season Two

Season two added two new characters- Emily Prentiss and Penelope Garcia. This season has twenty- three episodes, below is another map showing where the episodes take place.
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Here are a few short summaries of episodes one to thirteen.
Episode One- The B.A.U try to discover who the psychopath is that is taunting them with clues to try and save his next victim. Elle gets ambushed and shot at her house and ends up in a critical state.
Episode Two- Having vanished years ago, a young boy appears for sale in an online child pornography site, his mother, whom herself is an F.B.I agent pleads for their help.
Episode Three- The team travel to Jacksonville, Florida to investigate a case of a potential killing duo who after they have killed their victims, send their families a DVD.
Episode Four-  The team travels to Los Angeles to look into a series of robberies and murders whereby people were made undress before they  leave the scene.
Episode five-  The team travels to Dayton Ohio to investigate a serial rapist who has been attacking young girls from religious schools.
Episode Six- The team travels to Ozona Texas to investigate a serial killer targeting children.
Episode Seven-The team travel to Bellefonte, Pennsylvania to investigate a case where three girls are kidnapped and told that two can live and one must die.
Episode Eight- The team travels to Seattle to investigate a serial bomber who has been targeting places which are run by automated technology.
Episode Nine- The team travel to St. Louis two serial killers who appear to be competing with each other.
Episode Ten- The team travel to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba to investigate a terrorist leader after a check of a house of interest shows chemical weapons.
Episode Eleven- The team is called to Washington D.C. after a number of prostitutes are murdered.
Episode Twelve-The team travels to Chicago to find a killer to help exonerate Morgan the team use Morgans past to find the real killer.
Episode Thirteen-  The team travel to Golconda, Nevada to investigate a serial killer who has been killing for 30 years. The case becomes more serious when he reveals he has a woman and children hostage.

Season One

In season one there are seven main characters, Jason Gideon, Aaorn "Hotch Hotchner, Elle Greenaway, Dereck Morgan, Dr. Spencer Reid and Jennifer "JJ" Jereau.

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 Although the season is mainly based around the B.A.U's (Behavioral Analysis Unit) headquarters in Quantico, Virginia, each episode the team travel all around the United States working on different cases of serial killers. Below is a map of where each of the episodes have been in season one in red and the Headquarters in purple.
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